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Special Treatments of All American Sports Vision
Dr. Jeff Eger

1.  Vision Improvement With A Holistic Approach
        · Orthokeratology - non-surgical, safe, temporary reduction and control of nearsightedness and astigmatism.
        · Vision Perception Therapy - biofeedback therapy using state of the art E.Z. EYE Trainer and  ACCOMATRAC Ô 
Trainer, Photo therapy ( light therapy-syntonics).  Our focus is to improve vision, not just to correct it. Special
           emphasis on near-far accomadative flexibility, relaxation and efficiency. More peripheral awareness can occur when
           this is in effect. Nearsightedness is often caused by overfocusing and spasming of the ciliary muscle (focusing
for close work. Peripheral awareness training (with E.Z. Eye) also helps relax overfocusing and gives you
           more span of recognition.
In office training and/or out of office using VIDEO TAPES to teach efficiency in all 7 skills
           of vision.
           When these 7 skills of vision are working efficiently it can help you read more material at one glance by seeing more
           global with quicker eye-hand reaction time for instinctual play. You play and work relaxed with more flexibility in
           order to get more work done with less energy and time.  You see it, trust it, and do it to your true potential.
· Sports Vision Enhancement or Perceptual Optimized Performance (POP) - special eye and vision efficiency evaluation
           for observing eye focusing, flexibility, eye-hand reaction, balance, eye tracking, eye teaming, spacial awareness, and
           visual imagination.  After helping to develop 16 champions become  “visually instinctual and intuitive”, it’s evident 
           eye conditioning is being overlooked for true and top potential.  Sports articles of this success are in The Phoenix
           Gazette sports section 1/19/91 title: “Eye Contact Mickelson Now Views Feats From Afar” which explains a story of
           Phil’s first optical correction ever (sports performance contact lens)and approximately 4 weeks afterwards he
           defeated all the professionals at the 1991 Northern Telecom Tucson Open.  The article also explains the vision
           improvement work we did with Dr. Gil Morgan in 1990.  Gil won $702,000 and won the Kempher Open that year.
           We can help you get rid of the yips for poor putting by using our 6-Step Visually Efficient Setup Video for balanced
           and better putting. This will eliminate 3-12 strokes off of your game.
Can seeing  more efficiently and seeing the big
           picture help you realize your true potential?  We've seen it, so seeing is believing.

2.  Custom Fitted Contacts For The Challenging To Fit
            · Diseased and warped abnormal corneas fitted and rehabilitated using state of the art corneal topography*
                                 Warped and swollen corneas from tight fitted soft or hard lenses
                                 Abnormally shaped corneas from refractive surgery
            · Dr. Eger has published these articles on these difficult cases:
                     * Contact Lens Forum  July 1990 “Corneal Rehabilitation Using Corneal Topography”
                        Contacto June 1995 “Keratoconus and Corneal Rehabilitation”
Contacto November 1995 “Studies of Two Exceptional Keratoconus Cases”
Contact Lens Spectrum October 1999 “The Big Picture: Treating The Whole Keratoconus Patient”

3.  Treating Eye Diseases
           · Conjunctivitis, Keratitis, corneal ulcers, Glaucoma and eye allergies. 

4.    Diagnosing Neurological Problems And Learning Disabilities
          · Peripheral fields done to diagnose some nerve and arterial defects or brain tumors.
          · Special visual perceptual testing for learning disabled (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic) - many may be treated and helped
            without use of Ritalin or other mind altering drugs if there is a visual-perceptual problem in the 7 skills of vision or a 
            fundamental eye-body coordination problem. We have seen some students who reverse letters or words because of
            poor eye tracking or near-far focusing efficiency.  These skills can be learned and trained with perceptual optimized
            performance treatment.  See article in Prehabilitation Cases Page.


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