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The Services that are available from Dr. Eger are treatments directly, or
a choice of video tapes for home treatment.  Below are the services that
Dr. Eger can perform for you.
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General Eye Exams

Diagnose Eye Diseases

Nutritional & Flexibility Counseling

Extended Wear Contact Lenses Fitted

Prescribe Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses

Near-Stress Treatment for Computer Users

Nearsightedness Reduction Using Orthokeratology &
Biofeedback Vision Training

Optical Dispensary For Children
1000 Frames For All Of Your Family's Needs

Sports Vision Enhancement or Perceptual Optimized Performance

Certified Hypnotherapist
 Treatment to enhance the subconscious mind and quiet the conscious   
mind to aid in seeing the big picture more consistantly and efficiently. 

Examine & Train On All 7 Vision Skills:

1. Sight (must be global)
2. Peripheral Vision
3. Near-Far Focusing Efficiency
4. Eye Tracking
5. Binocularity (eye teaming)
6. Localization In Space (spacial awareness)
7. Visualization (visual intuition)

Refitting Challenging Corneas

Instrumentation & Services Used






1. Automated Refractor - gives a computerized refraction (correction for eyeglasses) without the question, "Which is better, one or two?"
2. Corneascope -
Nine rings are reflected off the patient's cornea and photographed. This Polaroid photograph is fed into a computer that analyzes the           
 overall topography or corneal terrain to aid the doctor in seeing approximately 3 times the area that a Keratometer measures. This is essential in custom
 designing your contact lenses for a more precise fit. Now this lens can fit your eye as opposed to your eye fitting a stock lens. You wear the lens, not tolerate it.

3. Near Stress-Relieving Glasses -
tested to check for: 
        a. Improved posture (child pushes his work
            away instead of moving it close to his nose.
        b. Verbal reading speed may improve
        c. May help to aim eyes better and not to
            lose place in reading.
        d. Helps for localization in space.
Often these lenses are only temporary, and in a year or two not needed. This child never needed glasses when he got to High School.
4. Dicon Automated Perimeter - Records any peripheral and central field loss from Glaucoma, Arteriole Defects, and Brain Tumors.
5. Eyeglasses or Contacts are dispensed in the office. This patient started with eyeglasses to aid in her therapy of amblyopia.             
6. Retinal Photography -
To chart and record any abnormalities or retnal diseases.


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