Reversing Keratoconus

Our practice has a special interest in fitting challenging and abnormally shaped corneas, diseased corneas, such as keratoconus. This is some of our research and published articles.

Articles on Keratoconus

Containment of Keratoconus and Other Abnormally Shaped Corneas

The Big Picture:Treating the Whole Keratoconus Patient

The Big Picture of Keratoconus Treatment Clarified

Patient K.A.

Studies of Two Exceptional Kerotoconus Cases from the Journal of the National Eye Research Foundation

Another View of Keracotonus from Contact Lens Spectrum November 1996

Article from Contacto Journal November 1995
Journal of the National Eye Reserch Foundation(NERF))

When corneas are misshapen from the Tribune May 5 1984

letter to the editor from Contact Lens September 2005

Case Report: Keratoconus Successfully Managed with Aspheric GP Lens Fit , Lifestyle Changes;
    from Primary Care Optometry Dec 2009

Dear Eye Healthcare Provider

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