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Dr. Jeffrey J. Eger
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1106 W. University
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Mesa, AZ 85201
(1 block east of Alma School Rd)

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3 Videos
Available For You
1. The 7 Fundamental 
Skills of Vision
2. Drills For Total Body Flexibility, Balance, Nutrition and Breathing
3. Improve Your Golf Game
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A Pioneer In Alternative Vision Improvement

The Future of Eye Technology Has Arrived
Combined with Old-Fashioned Personal Attention
One-On-One with Dr. Eger

Your Personal Eye Doctor and Your Vision Coach
to maximize your true potential.

Rehabilitation and Corrective Solutions For
 Improvement In Vision and Your Performance 

Our special attention has always been on the difficult to fit
patient who hides behind their glasses, and has been told
their vision can never improve. Also, patients who have 
been told they cannot wear contact lenses.

Now in the privacy of your own home, you can learn what our patients
and top champion athletes have been taught in order to become visually
instinctual and intuitive, see the big picture, and play to peak performance.
"Champions See The Big Picture"
Three Instructional Videos Available
1. Practicing The 7 Fundamental Skills Of Vision
2. Drills For Total Body Flexibility, Balance, Nutrition and Breathing
3. Getting Rid Of The "YIPS" and Looking Forward To Making 3 Foot Putts.

Special treatments and therapies in our practice:

(Underlined Are Links To Definitions & Articles)
  Yips  Keratoconus

Nearsightedness Reduction   Conjunctivitis

Keratitis   Myopia Reduction   Glaucoma

Corneal Exhaustion & Corneal Distortion

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)     Cataracts

Sports Vision
Neurological Disorder Diagnosis

Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS)
newly certified

Visual-Perceptual Problems for
Learning Disabled Children

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